Post and Rail/Rural Fencing

At Juniper Fencing Ltd, we supply, install, and repair rural and agricultural fencing of various types, including post and rail, stake and wire, gates, rabbit netting, and deer fencing. This comprehensive range of fencing products is built using high-quality materials and available across Surrey, Cranleigh, Godalming, Guildford, Haselmere, Petworth, Midhurst, Horsham, Storington, Newdigate, Tilford, Dorking, and Chobham.We understand how agricultural fencing helps in setting up an effective boundary to keep pets and livestocksafe within a farmyard. This is why we bring to you products that are extremely hard-wearing.
Our products are installable in different terrains, including watersides, gullies, and steep topographies.They bear asmooth finish and come without sharp edgesso that they suit all farm animals.At Juniper Fencing, we are very much aware of the safety, quality, and risk management requirements pertaining to the fencing industry. Our fencing solutions can be tailoredto meet your needs and budget. With an experience of over three decades, we are a trusted name in the industry and feel we are the best choice when it comes to fencing. Want to discuss your rural and agricultural fencing project? Or wish to know more about our products? Feel free to give Juniper Fencing Ltd a call any time.

Our Agricultural Fencing Products

  • Post and Rail:Built using tanalisedprickingposts, pegs and chestnut rails, post and rail from Juniper Fencing is a utilitarian and affordablefencing solution to restrict livestock. Available in sawn, cleft, and half-round forms, these fences offer a classical look and are useful for safeguarding smaller animals like goats and sheep, especiallywhen accompanied by a mesh of wire on one side.
  • Stake and Wire:These fencing solutions are versatile and heavy-duty. They suit multiple purposes, including agricultural needs. At Juniper Fencing, we offertanalisedstakes and galvanised wires so that the fence lasts for a long time. Products are available in both stock wires and barbed wires. The wire nettings are lightweight, flexible,and corrosion-protected.
  • AgriculturalGates:Our agricultural gates are available in pressure-treated hardwood, softwood and galvanised metal. The gates come with sufficient ground space so that they can swing without a glitch.
  • Rabbit Netting:These fences are built using hot-dipped galvanisedwire netting. Their speciality is their robust, yet flexible form. When installed, rabbit netting looks like a chainlink with hexagonal holes, but is lightweight. This fencing solution is purely for agricultural usage. It has a smooth finish and does not cause skin bruises in the animals.
  • Deer Fencing:Also known as stock fence, a deer fence can go up to a height of twometres to restrict the animal. Like rabbit netting, this fence, too, is made from hot-dipped galvanised wires and is lightweight. It is durable, rust-protected, and contains vertical and horizontal line wires for support.

Why ChooseAgricultural Fencing Products From Juniper Fencing?

  • We supply as well as install and repair fences.
  • A variety of rural and agricultural fencing solutions is available.
  • Quality never goes compromised at Juniper Fencing.
  • There is no cutting corners.
  • Our employees are trained, skilled, and customer-focused.

Looking for a trusted firm to supply and install agricultural fencing on your farm? Look no further than Juniper Fencing Ltd. Contact us now for a free quote.

Below are some examples of Rural and Agricultural Fencing that we have supplied and erected.