Domestic Fencing

Domestic Fencing Suppliers and Installers

Juniper Fencing Ltd. presents to you an extensive range of domestic fencing products including post and rails, stakes andstock wires, gates, closeboards, panels, and palisades. With a market presence of over 35 years, we are a family-run business specialised in fencing supply, installation, repair, and alterations. With our products, you couldcancreatean impressive outdoor ambiance and bring a great look to your home and garden. The fencing that we provide is not only aesthetically superior, but also utilitarian. The products are robust, durable, easy to maintain, and very much affordable. They help you bring about a sense of privacy and security as well. Should you be on the lookout for effective domestic fencing solutions, look no further than Juniper Fencing Ltd. We cover the areas of Surrey, Cranleigh, Haselmere, Petworth, Godalming, Guildford, Midhurst, Chobham, Dorking, Tilford, Horsham,Newdigate, and Stroington.

Why Do Homeowners Need To Install Fencing?

The reasons are many. You might want to prevent intruders from breaking into your property. You might even want to keep your pets safely in the backyard or enhancethe outdoor privacy overall. Sometimes, it helps in keeping an unpleasant view in the neighbourhood out of your sight. It could accentuate the beauty of your house as well and keep stray animals from littering your yard. Did you know,fencingcould even uplift the value of your property in the market? This is why at Juniper Fencing, we understand this need and bring to you quality domestic fencing products.

Our Product Range

  • Post and Rail: Install this traditional fencingstyle and invite the appeal of an English countryside to your yard.
  • Stake and Wire:This utility fencing is ideal if you want to nurture a garden within your yard or keep pets and farm animals.
  • Gates:Available in softwood, hardwood, and metal, the gates from Juniper Fencing are ideal for installation as garden and field entranceways.
  • Closeboard:Our closeboardsare known for their sturdiness and durability. They make an attractive addition to your property and augment outdoor privacy.
  • Panel and Palisade:Generally used for picket fencing, this product imparts a party open, yet strong look to the installation. It allows light and air and is ideal for general demarcation.

Why Choose Juniper Fencing Ltd?

  • Industry experience of over three decades
  • Trained, skilled and competent workforce
  • Individual attention to clients
  • Customer-centric business approach
  • A variety of products at competitive prices

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